Covid 19 is about to be a fact of life for our whole country.  The virus appears to now be spreading "in the wild" in the UK and the government has announced, albeit sotto voce, their intention to move on to the "delay" phase of its approach to handling the virus, having fought and lost a rearguard battle over the attempts to "contain" it.

covid 19In plain terms this means that the government's health and science advisers now consider that, in the worst case, 80% of the population will suffer from it, although hopefully for most it will be a brief and not too unpleasant experience. The symptoms are predicted to be no worse than influenza.  For some, in particular states of health, an infection with the virus will be much more problematic and the government has singled out those of age 70 or greater and those with "underlying health conditions" which seems to mean folk who are particularly susceptible to infections or who have existing lung or heart disease or diabetes.

We will be very happy to take additional precautions to protect you, as far as we can, if you need to visit our offices. 

If you think you may be in a vulnerable category then please tell us ahead of your visit and we can arrange to see you in a larger room with more separation between our staff and you.

If you think you may be infected then please also let us know, so we can take steps to protect our staff or to make alternative arrangements to deal with your affairs electronically by telephone or video link so as to avoid you having to travel or come into contact with others.

As the situation with the virus worsens, we anticipate that more of our staff may have to self-isolate, and it may be difficult to maintain a full work force in the office or to answer phone calls at all times. Please do contact us, via the email contact form on this website, and give us details of how we can get in touch with you.  Any of our staff who are able to, will be in regular touch with the office, via electronic means, and we are, as always, keen to do whatever we can to deal with our clients' legal needs. At this difficult time we may need you to help us in helping you. 

If you have not reviewed your Will in some time this may also be a reminder of the importance of ensuring that, if the worst were to come to the worst, at least your affairs will be in order and you will have taken every possible step to ensure your beneficiaries are protected.

Contact Nick Fluck via our contacts link if you would like to make or update a Will.